Cherry Jane's Sexcapades

About me

I am newly single, released from an unbelievably LONG term relationship. Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship longer than you should? Yeah, well I have. I did. Now I'm not. I don't remember what it's like to be single, other than I sucked at it, and the world has completely changed since the last time I was. I'm no spring chicken, so I figured the odds were against me. Most of my male friends chase after little 20 year old girls, which only made me more leery of the dating climate out there. Ok, I say "dating", but really, that's not my agenda. I am untethered and intend to stay that way. I need to make up for lost time. I'm strictly out for emotionally detached, no-strings-attached physical satisfaction. I'm ready for something new and different. Boys need not apply. I'm looking for a few good men!